• Vaping During Lockdown - A Refresher Course
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    Vaping During Lockdown - A Refresher Course

    Vaping During Lockdown - A Refresher Course

    What this means is that for the next month, until the 2nd of December, the entirety of England will be in a strict lockdown, which means that many people will once again be stuck at home.

    For some, this means that they will be spending all day, every day, in the presence of friends and family they live with. If you are someone who smokes an electronic cigarette, you then have an obligation and responsibility to make sure that you are considerate with your device. Let’s do a quick crash course in how to be a courteous and respectful electronic cigarette user.

    Take it Outside

    Okay, the first rule and probably one of the most basic rules out there is to make sure that you take your device outside when you are using it.

    At the end of the day, nobody wants to have their living room smell like electronic cigarette smoke, especially if they are someone who does not approve of smoking at all. It’s all about being courteous and considerate. Often, this will mean standing on the doorstep and smoking out into the world, but a back garden will also suffice in case you don’t want to stand in the street.

    Keep Your Kit Tidy

    If you are somebody who is going to be sharing a space with other people for an extended period, you have to make sure that you are being clean and tidy. This does extend to your electronic cigarette supplies as well.

    Functionally, nobody wants to have to clear up your half-empty bottles of juice or to be finding leftover pieces of kit lying around. Make sure that everything you have is put safely away in your space, and kept out of reach of children and pets.

    Debate With Dignity

    You may find that people begin to question your electronic cigarette habit as a practice, and want to know more about it, and why they should consider it over normal smoking.

    Please remember that you are representing the electronic cigarette community as a whole, so you should debate and discuss with dignity. Be reasonable, listen to their opinions, and then deliver facts. Do not badmouth any other stance, as this will make the entire community look worse.

    In conclusion, it is crucial to make sure that you are respectful of other people's preferences and sensibilities when you are smoking an electronic cigarette during the lockdown. At the end of the day, you are still a representative of the community, and that you need to act with some professionalism and dignity. Infinite Vapour will continue to provide supplies wherever possible. We have a broad selection of modifications, accessories, kits, devices, and liquids for you to take a look at. There is something within the selection for everybody, so please look around and see what we have on offer.

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