• Nicotine - Cancer Causing Drug, or Scapegoat?
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    Nicotine - Cancer Causing Drug, or Scapegoat?

    Nicotine - Cancer Causing Drug, or Scapegoat?

    When you think about electronic cigarettes, what do you tend to keep in mind? Well, when it comes to nicotine, it’s clear that there are some staggering misconceptions about what nicotine actually does to the human body. It is estimated that about 80% of US doctors think that nicotine causes cancer, which is just astounding.

    Now obviously, this is not the case, but we understand that all of this talk and misconception may well be frightening for people who don’t know as much about nicotine as they would like to. Given that it’s in your electronic cigarettes, we don’t want you to start throwing away good products, so let’s take a look at what nicotine actually is. 

    What is Nicotine?

    Okay, so what actually is nicotine? Nicotine is a stimulant, which is most commonly found as a natural substance in the nightshade family of plant life.

    Nicotine is a naturally occurring part of the conventional cigarette. It is mixed up inside the tobacco, and is part of why smoking is so popular. You see, nicotine is a very powerful addictive substance.

    There is a very high risk that someone can become addicted to nicotine when they regularly consume it. The reason that an addictive substance is so difficult to put down is that there can be serious consequences of withdrawal. Physiological and psychological challenges become very commonplace when someone attempts to break a nicotine dependency. 

    Is Nicotine in E-Cigs?

    Nicotine can be found inside an electronic cigarette, just the same as it can be found in a conventional cigarette. It is inside the liquid that you smoke. However, nicotine is not a cancer-causing substance. It is an addictive substance, but it is not cancer-causing.

    The misconception is because nicotine is addictive, therefore it is bad. What causes cancer in people who smoke conventional cigarettes is the presence of high levels of carbon monoxide and tar, both of which are toxic to the human respiratory system.

    What makes electronic cigarettes different from conventional ones is that you can adjust the level of nicotine that is inside your liquids. The strength of nicotine that is found in your liquids, as a proportion of mg to mL of liquid, can be changed according to your preferences. In fact, it is possible to get nicotine free variations of most liquids, so you don’t even have to have nicotine inside your body if you don’t want to.

    In conclusion, nicotine is not a cancer-causing substance. If you see that particular story floating around the Internet, ignore it. Nicotine is an addictive substance, but it’s not a dangerous one. You can get a mild sense of nausea from too much nicotine, but you’d have to consume a lot to have that happen. Infinite Vapour has a broad selection of options to make sure that you get the best possible accessories, kits and liquids, with both nicotine and nicotine-free variants available in a variety of flavours. You don’t have to have nicotine if you don’t want to.

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