• How Long Does a Coil Last?
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    How Long Does a Coil Last?

    How Long Does a Coil Last?

    So, perhaps one of the biggest questions that people tend to ask when it comes to electronic cigarettes in general is how long do the coils last for?

    Naturally, the coil is one of the most important elements of the electronic cigarette. Without it, there is no way for the liquid that you are smoking to heat to the correct temperature. It’s important to understand how the lifespan of a coil can be affected by a large number of factors, because this means that you’ll have a better chance at getting a longer living coil.

    How Long DOES A Coil Last For?

    Sadly, this was never going to be one of those topics where we could just give you a direct answer. It’s unfortunately not as simple as that by any means.

    There is actually no fixed lifespan for a coil inside an electronic cigarette. Depending on a selection of different factors, your electronic cigarette coil can last two weeks, it can last a month, or it can only last a few days.

    What Affects a Coil?

    So, what are the things which will affect the lifespan of a coil? What kind of criteria do you need to think about when looking at the longevity of the coil inside your device?

    Obviously, one of the first things to think about is the heavy usage of the device. The more that you use your electric cigarette, the faster that your burn out the coil. That’s a fairly easy to understand concept. If you use your device all day every day, then your coil may not survive past a week.

    Other criteria that can affect the lifespan of a coil can be things like the overall quality of the metal, the setup that you’ve got inside the device, so for example the tank or the material that you’re using to wick the liquid.

    Another key factor is the e-liquid you use in your tank, this also affects the lifespan of your coil, the high VG liquids with a high sugary content are more likely to burn the coil out quicker.

    How Do I Look After My Coil?

    So, how do you actually go about extending the lifespan of a coil? How do you look after it?

    There’s a couple of different things that you can do to make sure that your device is going to stay in good condition for as long as possible that will also fix the coil at the same time.

    Obviously, maintaining your device is never a bad thing, just to make sure that all the parts stay in good condition for longer, and then regularly swap out your coil to get the best performance. If you ever start to get a taste which is quite unpleasant, and similar to burnt, then that’s an indicator that the coil is potentially at the end of its life. 

    In conclusion, looking after your coil is not a tricky task so long as you keep a proper eye on the necessary maintenance tasks. The lifespan will vary according to make, usage, etc. Infinite Vapour has a broad selection in stock, so check out what’s on offer.

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