• Electronic Cigarettes - The Myth of Exploding Devices
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    Electronic Cigarettes - The Myth of Exploding Devices

    Electronic Cigarettes - The Myth of Exploding Devices 

    Have you ever sat down and looked at the news to see that something has exploded? It’s definitely not a nice thing to see, and it makes people uncomfortable when it comes to buildings or monuments. 

    But when it’s an e-cig, the response is a little different. Instead of sympathy and grief, the e-cig community gets battered with cries of banning and outlawing our products. Should e-cigs actually explode? No, not really. We’re here to talk about why.

    E-Cig 1, Battery 0

    The big problem that a lot of people have with an e-cig is that it’s not actually the device itself which is the problem. This may seem like something of a confusing notion, but the components of your device aren’t made to explode. They don’t have the capacity to do so normally because they’re all subject… to one… battery.


    That’s right, everyone. In case you didn’t quite catch the memo, a lot of the issues which come from e-cigs are the batteries.

    Understanding Your Battery

    Okay, let’s take a look at some battery 101. Generally speaking, the majority of electronic cigarettes are powered by the same type of battery. This is called a lithium ion battery, and it is the same type of battery that you find in phones, laptops, and quite a bit of other technology these days.

    The big problem that a lot of people face when it comes to their batteries is that these types of products are meant to be plugged in and forgotten about. A lithium ion battery has a finite amount of charge. If this is exceeded, then you start to get problems. Products aren’t meant to be overcharged.

    The Big Problem

    The big problem, the one that people struggle with, is that a lot of the reasons why an electric cigarette develops a problem is because of a user error. You shouldn’t just leave a device on charge, and actually most accidents do occur when a device is charging.

    You have to charge your device to full and then take it off, you should never carry around loose batteries in your pocket, you should always make sure that you are keeping the device switched off if you’re not using it, things like that. These basic health and safety tips can really help to prevent accidents, and will stop you from risking that damage to your device and your health.

    In conclusion, it’s important to be critical when you see a new story about an electronic cigarette that has exploded. Generally, it’s important to ask questions about why, the circumstances surrounding it. What you tend to find is that the majority of devices are completely safe, and will not be in issue. Infinite Vapour offers a whole selection of options for you to explore, promising nothing but incredible quality from start to finish. None of these devices will explode or cause any harm if you use them properly and follow all the instructions.

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