• The Future of Vaping Sales - Our Thoughts
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    The Future of Vaping Sales - Our Thoughts

    The Future of Vaping Sales - Our Thoughts

    So obviously, it is now a week or two past when lockdown restrictions were eased. We are seeing more and more people get back out into the world, to go back to work, to go shopping, to provide non-essential services again.

    In the midst of this optimism about the future, we are interested to see exactly how the future of vaping will continue. We’re always wondering exactly how the industry will develop and evolve, so we thought we’d share our thoughts about how this might take place.

    More Online Sales

    One of the most important things that we think will happen when it comes to electric cigarettes and the sale of them is that people will be looking at the Internet more and more.

    Since everything happened, we already made a transition onto the online anyway. Even before lockdown, we were selling products on the Internet because we understand that it gave us access to a very large customer base. We saw exactly how important it could be, which is why we were quite desperate to continue this during lockdown. We can provide more of you with products than ever before, and that’s fantastic.

    We think that even though things will return to a degree of normal, what we are still likely to see is a lot of businesses will continue to push their online services more more. People are much more interested to go looking on the Internet now, which is where a lot of the business is at the moment.

    The End of Brick and Mortar?

    When it comes to brick and mortar premises, they used to form the backbone of cigarettes. In a time when the Internet was as well-developed as it is today, brick and mortar stores used to be quite easy to pop into and buy something from.

    However, this is not the case anymore. The brick and mortar store has fallen out of popularity because of COVID-19, and it is possible that it may never return to normal. With so many businesses operating online, it’s possible that it may just be the case that brick and mortar stores retire. When you consider the benefits of being able to reach a broader audience, and the overall reduced costs which come from a venture like online stores, it’s difficult to justify the brick and mortar building.

    So in conclusion, these are our theories as to what’s going to happen to the brick and mortar store in the future. We don’t necessarily think that they will last, but it would be good if they did. We understand that online sales are rapidly becoming the norm, and we are quite keen to continue in this area. It’s too early to tell at the moment, but we’ll carry on selling our selection of kits, mods, liquids and other options for people who want them, because we understand how important it can be to make sure people can continue to have the products which work best for them.

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