• Top Tips For Promoting Vaping During Lockdown
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    Top Tips For Promoting Vaping During Lockdown

    Top Tips For Promoting Vaping During Lockdown

    For a lot of people, vaping will be a lifeline during this difficult period. We are understandably all feeling the challenges of being locked down, and an electronic cigarette might well be all that stands between you and insanity.

    So how, dear reader, do you convince someone to start taking up vaping or continue to support the industry during this difficult period of our history? Regardless of whether you’re trying to help save someone’s life or just defending your choice of habit, let’s take a look at what you can do.

    Explain the Facts

    One of the first things that we can do when it comes to talking about vaping in a positive light is to outline some of the scientific facts and evidence which cast electronic cigarettes in a good light.

    Our vaping devices are healthier, safer and far less obnoxious than normal cigarettes. You know it, we know it, and the NHS know it too. That’s a good piece of evidence you can reference, by the way - the NHS have officially supported vaping as being a useful tool for people who want to try and quit smoking for themselves.

    Use Your Personal Experiences

    Anecdotal evidence is a pretty powerful tool for educating people and delivering some pretty convincing proof that a brand or product is a good choice.

    If you’re looking for such arguments to back up your claims, look no further than yourself or your friend who vapes as well - you’re probably both success stories. What you’re going to want to do is to think about the moments where you know you've been fitter, healthier and better equipped to tackle everyday life. If you’re visibly healthier as a result of vaping, it’s pretty compelling evidence and hard to ignore. 

    Make Reference to Practical Benefits

    While a lot of people are more interested in the health benefits of vaping, it’s also the case that there are quite a few practical ones too. It’s quite nice to see that each of the different vaping devices are, on average, less expensive than their conventional counterparts.

    This cost difference can be a good selling point for people who want to try and figure out the best possible lifestyle choices. If you’re not having to worry about money quite so much, and you get a nicer overall experience, then you’re much more likely to make the change. 

    Overall, converting someone to the world of vaping is definitely not an easy task, nor is promoting it in an effective way. But if you know what facts will help to tip the tide in your favour, and you can draw on practical benefits, then it does become a lot easier to promote the product. If you’re looking for good quality vaping supplies, then Infinite Vapour is ready and willing to help. We’ve got a range of fantastic products for you to sample, and an ever growing range of things for you to experience, so come and have a look.

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