• Glimmers of Hope - The Positives During COVID-19
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    Glimmers of Hope - The Positives During COVID-19

    Glimmers of Hope - The Positives During COVID-19

    The coronavirus has been a challenging period of personal history, world history, and it is not over yet. Many people are succumbing to this particular virus every day, and it is difficult to try and maintain a sense of hope.

    However, there are positives to this situation. There are glimmers of hope in a sea of negativity and fear, and it’s important to try and keep some kind of perspective. We are taking a look at these positives, to try and help you see that not everything is doom and gloom. 

    Teen Vaping Goes Down

    First and foremost, we can look at the impact that this situation will have on one of the most challenging problems that the vaping industry will face as a whole.

    One of the biggest challenges which the industry is faced with is getting the blame for a rise in the number of teenagers being able to smoke when they shouldn’t. People point to electronic cigarettes as being the cause of the problem, the method which people used to enter into the world of underage smoking. 

    However, with the rise of this lockdown, and the number of people who are unable to leave their homes, and the closing of many schools, this percentage of people will decrease exponentially. 

    Bans on Vaping Slow Down 

    Another big thing to think about is the fact that there are many people all across the world who wish to try and eliminate electronic cigarettes as a whole. These are individuals who are trying, quite desperately, to ban the products, stop them from being sold, and remove them from a particular part of the world. 

    The issue with this is that the coronavirus is going to slow down all of these processes. The non-essential debates and bills and laws will be frozen as many different places and countries and government bodies attempt to establish order and control, and try and combat the virus. The longer that these things are put into suspension, the better chance we have as a community of fighting them and overturning them. 

    There is no doubt that the electronic cigarette can do a lot of good, but if people don’t recognise this, don’t try and promote this image, and don’t do anything about it, it can be quite difficult to figure it all out. 

    In conclusion, there are some hidden positives to this whole thing, we just have to try and find them. We make sure that we are as positive as we can be to help you to figure out the best way to get through all of this. Everything that we do, is for you. We try and give you the best possible experiences, help you to be the best possible version of yourself, and to make sure that you have nothing but the best products. Infinite Vapour has a selection of options to make sure that everything you need, you can have, and we continue to deliver during this period of uncertainty and crisis.

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