• Vaping and COVID-19 - Your Guide
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    Vaping and COVID-19 - Your Guide

    Vaping and COVID-19 - Your Guide

    Protecting yourself and those closest to you is critical, which is why the government and NHS have laid out many rules and regulations to safeguard many. We decided it would be sensible if we invest a little time in creating a guide of our own - specifically, what we recommend for anyone who has a vaping habit.

    Should You Vape During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

    The biggest question which people will ask is, of course, whether or not they should be using their vaping device during the outbreak.

    The answer to this is very circumstantial. There are no current studies or investigations which will influence people one way or the other, so we are forced to draw our own conclusions about the virus and how it will be affected by vaping.

    Case by Case Basis 

    We have postulated that it is easier to examine each person on a case-by-case basis, although we intend on creating official guidelines nonetheless. 

    If you are someone who has an underlying health condition, like for example a respiratory condition, a heart condition, diabetes or high blood pressure, it is not wise to use an electronic cigarette. There is a possibility that the added pressure put on your lungs will serve to leave you more vulnerable to the virus.

    We also recommend that anyone who is experiencing a sudden issue with their breathing should stop using the vaping devices they own at the moment. It is also important to self-isolate and stay out of the way of other people, because you may show symptoms of the virus.

    Be Sensible, Always 

    It is absolutely vital that you are as sensible as you can be during this period of uncertainty and viral outbreak. Obviously, people will be worried for themselves, relatives and others. However, it is vital for people to try and think about the best possible ways to stay inside and protect themselves. You will risk spreading the virus or catching it, which could signal serious problems for the older and more vulnerable in our society.

    We will continue to remain open and try to fulfill all orders until such a time as this becomes impossible, but we recommend that people exercise caution when smoking their electronic cigarettes.

    So it’s important to stay safe at the moment. There are so many instances of people who are catching it because they aren’t taking sensible precautions. You need to be as safe and sensible as you can because people will be at risk in all categories of life. We aim to provide a service for as long as it is needed, but at the same time, we urge people to be as safe as possible. Please stay indoors, avoid social contact where possible and think about your health. You need to be as sensible as you can because people are at risk in a lot of categories and you have a responsibility to protect them.

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