• Nicotine Free - The Way Forward?
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    Nicotine Free - The Way Forward?

    Nicotine Free - The Way Forward?

    We have exist within the electronic cigarette community to actively take a stance on one particular argument or another often find ourselves locked in debate over specific topics. The place of vaping in the modern world, the importance of different coils or atomisers, etc.

    However, one thing which does tend to polarise the community and split it straight down the middle is the importance of nicotine in the liquids that we sell. Specifically, some people argue the nicotine free is the way forward, whereas others question that. Is there any one true answer? Well, let’s take a look.

    For Nicotine Free

    As you can probably imagine, there are quite a few compelling arguments for the absence of nicotine inside the liquids that you smoke. Obviously, nicotine is an addictive substance, and addiction in any form is not a good thing. Some people argue that it does tend to bring on unwanted health problems as well, especially when consumed in large quantities. Nicotine sickness and nausea is quite a common occurrence especially in heavy smokers. 

    Quite a few people also argue that nicotine can be damaging from a taste perspective. Some argue that it can ruin conventional electronic cigarette usage, simply because it tastes differently.

    Against Nicotine Free

    On the other side of this, there are obviously going to be arguments against removing nicotine from liquids completely. Many present the reasonable case that the nicotine addiction is already present in a lot of people, and so smoking an electronic cigarette is the best way for them to get that need fulfilled, but at the same time not damage themselves any more than is absolutely necessary, because we all know that vaping is a much safer and healthier alternative to smoking.

    What Do We Think?

    As a business which sells both nicotine and nicotine free products, we tend to take a very neutral standpoint to make sure that we do not directly offend anyone. We believe that it is your choice to introduce nicotine into your system, and so we make sure that we have products available to cater to both ends of the spectrum. Looking towards the future, it is difficult to predict whether nicotine will eventually be phased out of electronic cigarettes, but it is possible if people start to disagree with addictive substances more heavily in the future.

    In conclusion, nicotine is a core part of smoking any electronic cigarette whether you agree with it or not. It is highly unlikely that steps will be taken to ban nicotine from our products entirely, because it is simply part of the experience and many people would argue it is an integral part of everything. We make sure to sell a variety of products which do include nicotine, but at the same time offer you an alternative which does not, so regardless of your personal preference, you can continue to enjoy your electronic cigarette. We encourage the freedom of choice, so we offer both as often as we can.

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