• The State of the Global Vaping Community
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    The State of the Global Vaping Community

    The State of the Global Vaping Community

    One of the things to know about vaping is that it does often have so many people all across the world supporting it together. This phenomenon is what we know as the global vaping community - a picture bigger than any one country or place. 

    But what is the state of this community in 2020? What’s been going on around the world recently? Let’s see if we can’t find out together and create a recap of all that’s taken place.


    America has not done so well lately when it comes to this whole vaping business. They’ve been seeing massive crackdowns all across the country to try and stop vaping in its tracks. Teenage vaping is allegedly a massive epidemic over there, and the uproar over it has caused a lot of hassle that people are clamouring to have fixed. 

    So America is in the midst of a massive struggle surrounding vaping. Some places have outright banned it, others are waiting on an official verdict. Whatever the answer, it’s not looking optimistic there at the moment, but that can change. 


    Despite the fact that whatever happens in the US tends to gravitate back to here, vaping in the U.K. is still going strong. We’ve seen some pretty incredible leaps forward in recent years, such as the NHS officially suggesting vaping as being a tool for quitting smoking. 

    There’s a flourishing community here that still campaigns for a better world. We know the effects that vaping can have for people - the good things it can do. So we have worked tirelessly to make sure that as many people know it as possible. That’s the other side of what goes on in the world right now - we’re still trying to champion vaping. 

    Everywhere Else 

    The other parts of the world tend to be a little bit hit and miss when it comes to vaping. The problem is that when it comes to the global community, the US and the U.K. tend to take most of the attention.

    Overseas, it is a mix of wins and losses. Some places continue to allow vaping to flourish and others have swiftly shut down the whole concept. There are some places where vaping has been banned for years, of course. It’s all a case of where you look and the reality you choose to see. 

    So in conclusion, the state of things at the moment is pretty mixed. We’ve seen some interesting developments over the last few years. But our message will always be one of optimism. We want vaping to do well, of course, and so everything that we do is in pursuit of that goal. Here at Infinite Vapour, we strive to provide you with a varied selection of options. We have kits, mods and accessories, giving you everything that you could need for a satisfying vaping experience. It’s important to us that you feel content with the service you’ve had, so we always strive to give you the best.

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