• Vaping, Moderation and a Harsh Truth
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    Vaping, Moderation and a Harsh Truth

    Vaping, Moderation and a Harsh Truth

    So when we think about vaping, what exactly springs to mind? For many, it is a part of their lives which is positive - be it something that they have picked up from their attempts to quit smoking or just a habit they were introduced to by a friend. Regardless of what people had to do in order to get to vaping, it can be a positive force for good, and no one is denying that. 

    However, it is also true that the general public believes vaping to be a bad thing. Many have outed it as being a problem, whether it is in the context of teenage vaping or, most recently, on negative health conditions. We will be examining this here, and determining for ourselves as to whether there is any credibility to what is being said. 

    Vaping - No Moderation? 

    When considering the failings of any product, one must make the distinction between whether it is a design fault or a user error. Simply put, is the product the problem, or is it the way it is used by people?

    For vaping, we feel that it is a simple case of user error. There are many people who smoke and remain in good health - their lungs do not suffer considerable damage, they exercise regularly and go on to be in good health for a long time. However, there are also people who suffer when it comes to vaping, and we want to know why. 

    In our efforts to do this, we have identified one key failing of a lot of users who suffer from health conditions - moderation. It is key to everything in society and is one of the unspoken rules; we have all of these resources and you can use them as much as you want, but it is your job to exercise moderation.

    That is what people do not do. They do not exercise moderation in anything that they do, and this has a negative health impact on them. They are more likely to develop conditions like popcorn lung or breathing restrictions because they vape all day, everyday, constantly. While we do not offer guidelines on how best to vape, we can not be held responsible for people who do not exercise moderation and caution. There is no need to vape constantly - but people do so anyway and fail to see the connection between that and their health problems.

    In conclusion, we’re not here to instigate a problem. We’re just speaking out in defence of vaping. Most of our users are sensible and mature with their devices - you’re proof that there’s a safe way to vape. But there’s also so many people who don’t exercise moderation and they become ill. We’re sorry that it has happened, but it is unfortunately the consequence of smoking without consideration. We have a range of kits, mods and e-liquids for you, and we want you to enjoy vaping, but please remember to be sensible with it - recognise that you’re in control of your vaping!

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