• An Honest Talk About Vaping
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    An Honest Talk About Vaping

    An Honest Talk About Vaping

    Let’s be honest. It’s not the best time to be a fan of e-cigarettes at the moment. With the USA slowly exterminating the industry over there and a spate of reports suggesting that vaping itself is an issue, it is not unreasonable to be worried about our future as a community. And that’s okay. 

    But we want to just talk about a few things here today. There’s a couple of misconceptions that we want to address, and some things that we want to try and communicate. So let’s get into it.

    On Vaping and Health 

    So the first thing that we want to talk about is the impact electronic cigarettes have had on the overall health of the population. 

    There is a lot of talk that serious illnesses are commonplace, and everything that you smoke is going to cause you problems, but we would like to offer up an alternative take. A lot of people are heavy smokers. They smoke genuine cigarettes, which are not only dangerous to them, but to the world around them, and some people will do it for the rest of their lives. But those who want to quit often need some kind of support, and that is where e-cigarettes came into the picture. They’ve been recognised by the NHS as being helpful tool for quitting, and we submit the opinion that without them, a lot of people would still be smoking to the detriment of themselves and other people. 

    Everything is dangerous if you do it enough. If you drink enough, that will kill you. If you eat too much, that will kill you as well. There is no safe thing, it’s all about moderation and discretion.

    On Vaping and Influencing

    A pretty common issue that we get targeted for is that people who use electronic cigarettes are substituting them for normal cigarettes, and typically it is the teenage demographic that is responsible for this. Basically, what we get accused of fairly frequently is being responsible for teenage vaping. 

    We want to dispute this. Not only do we not sell to anyone under the age of 18, as is required by law, but we are not responsible for people who lie about their age, or purchase something as an adult and then give it to a teenager. We can’t be responsible for those people, and so what we feel is that some of the responsibility has to go to people who aren’t being honest. They’re not being sensible, they’re not being mature, and they are part of the problem. 

    To summarise it all, there are a lot of issues that we face as a community. But we don’t feel that half of what is being said about us is fair. Infinite Vapour sells a selection of products such as kits and mods, and we do so because we aim to give people the best possible experience. We want to encourage people to keep being strong and to hold true to what they believe in. We will promote vaping as being a force for good, but it takes time.

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