• NYC Passes Flavour Ban on E-Liquids
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    NYC Passes Flavour Ban on E-Liquids

    NYC Passes Flavour Ban on E-Liquids 

    It hasn’t been the best week for the vaping community to be honest. There have been many battles in the USA to try and stop vaping bans from ruining most of the economy that the industry has available. However, despite the best efforts of many, New York City has become the latest area to ban e-liquid flavours. The impact will take place over the next six months, but we thought that it would be important to talk about some of the coverage and how we can hopefully prevent an incident like this in the future. 

    Bans, Problems and Changing Attitudes 

    November 26th was the day that things began to go a little wrong. The ban was passed in New York City, which is quite a large place for the vaping industry. In fact, it is the largest political entity in the USA to have the ban. They are trying to lock out all of those flavours which make the whole industry incredibly popular. 

    The thing about e-liquids is that they represent the difference between the vaping industry and the cigarette industry. We’re not talking about a smoke that contains a bunch of nasty chemicals and releases a lot of toxins into the air. We’re talking instead about something that has very few discernible impacts on the air around you and is actually quite pleasant to smoke

    The issue is the attitude towards vaping is changing. What was once something that was slowly growing in popularity is now a phenomenon which is regarded as something bad. Rightly or wrongly, people are now turning their backs on vaping and are trying to see it banned.

    Can Anything Be Done? 

    When we consider the potential ramifications of such an issue, we have to look at whether anything can be done on two fronts. Immediately, there is not a great deal that can be done to halt the ban. People can argue and protest and try to overturn it, but it is not necessarily likely. 

    However, there is much that can be done to try and make sure that other parts of the world do not follow suit. What happens in the USA does tend to follow suit in the UK, so we should make sure that we constantly educate people on what good vaping can do. If you constantly provide people with the information that they need to progress, they will start to feel like they can contribute towards a positive image of the industry, which will benefit everyone in the long term.

    Hopefully this will not be the end of vaping. It can be a good way for people to stop smoking and can help to educate people on a safer way of living. However, these bans will impact the world in ways that we can not understand just yet. Infinite Vapour is pleased to still be able to stock a selection of different vaping materials. E-liquids, kits, mods, accessories and more are all available for you to enjoy, offering a wide selection of options for you to consider.

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