• Trump Inaction Saves Vaping
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    Trump Inaction Saves Vaping

    Trump Inaction Saves Vaping 

    It seems like the vaping community in the USA was on a crash course to suffer some severe losses, with the latest set of bans about to eradicate the industry by cutting off all of its flavours and putting thousands of businesses out of customers. But there’s hope for the industry yet, as the halting of the issues comes from an unlikely source - Donald Trump himself. 

    No Bans, Trump Backs Off?

    So in a strange turn of events, we have discovered that Donald Trump has not been pushing for the banning of vaping products as much as we initially thought. He has been reported to have taken no action against vaping products. 

    There are a couple of different ideas as to why this is the case. However, the consensus is that he is worried about losing a lot of the votes he needs to see success during the 2020 Presidential Election Campaign. 

    Vaping Saves Vaping 

    However, we in the world of vaping have a different idea about why the ban has been at least temporarily halted. We think it is because of the people who have campaigned ceaselessly. They have worked hard to make sure that vaping is as successful as possible, and that it continues to be a powerful force for good. 

    A lot of small business owners have worked hard over the last few weeks to make sure that they have defended their community. Whether it was the benefits that came from social media or the importance of the rally in DC, there is very little doubt that people have been protesting the planned bans. 

    What Happens Next? 

    So the big question on the minds of many people is what happens next. What will the future hold for vaping? No one knows.

    We can only hope that the whole premise that has emerged recently will help to convince people that there are a lot of things about vaping that are worth saving. However, the likelihood is that even though people may celebrate now, the victory will only be temporary. There’s a high potential that we’ll simply have to try and explore other options, and that all that’s happened is the process has been delayed. With most of his circle of advisors pushing him to try and be as sensible as possible when it comes to appeasing the majority of the market. 

    Overall, there is an unexpected delay in the world of vaping when it comes to people trying to cancel the vaping industry. The USA may seem distant and far away but it does represent a potential forecast for how we live in other parts of the world - what happens over there usually comes here. If you’re looking for the best possible options, Infinite Vapour has what you need. There’s a selection of different options for you to consider, and a range of kits, mods, accessories and e-liquids, with a guaranteed range of options to consider to satisfy any particular style and craving.

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