• Weekend Rally Helps Consolidate Vaping Industry’s Position
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    Weekend Rally Helps Consolidate Vaping Industry’s Position

    Weekend Rally Helps Consolidate Vaping Industry’s Position

    As you are all no doubt aware, the United States has had quite a bit of trouble recently with regards to the banning of electronic cigarettes, with the main focus being on the type of liquid that is used. The basic argument boils down to government wanting to try and stop flavoured liquids from being sold in shops all across America. 

    Understandably, this was not going to go down well, and so it should come as absolutely no surprise that there were protests from both sellers of these products and people who bought them. Let’s take a look at how well they did. 

    November 9th - A Date to Remember 

    November 9 was the day that people decided that enough was enough. Washington DC played host to people from all across America who came to protest that their very way of life was under siege.

    What we are basically dealing with here were people who felt that banning vaping products was not the way. Stopping people from buying the liquids that they wanted just because they contain flavours which could potentially open the door for underage smoking was not a move that a lot of people agreed with.

    Did They Get Very Far? 

    irritatingly, there isn’t a lot of evidence that the protest did any good. As far as we know, the plan to go ahead and ban these products from being sold across the United States are still very much in motion. 

    However, it’s also possible that the end goal wasn’t trying to stop the ban outright, but instead to try and encourage people to think about the community they’re going to shut down. There is no doubt that the electronic cigarette industry is made up of people who sell the products and people who then buy them as a community. They care about each other, and they care about their right to smoke, and the fact that this process took place in front of the White House will hopefully show government officials that it’s not just a group of faceless people. 

    Obviously, it should hopefully give people in other parts of the world the courage that they need to continue campaigning to protect the rights of electronic cigarettes. After all, historically whenever something happens in the United States, it finds its way across the pond to the UK and the rest of Europe. 

    All in all, it was interesting to see so many people turn out in protest. We can only hope that this display of dedication has convinced the government officials that this isn’t necessarily the right way forward. You will be, in essence, cutting off an entire industry, and damaging a community in a way that it may never recover from. Here at Infinite Vapour, we can not imagine not selling a whole selection of kits, mods, accessories and liquids. We can only hope that the people who need this industry over in the USA will get the result that they need for a better future.

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