• Trump Ready to Ban Vaping Flavours?
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    Trump Ready to Ban Vaping Flavours?

    Trump Ready to Ban Vaping Flavours?

    The state of vaping in America seems to fluctuate depending on the day. Just when it seems like we are taking a step forward in regaining our reputation and restoring the industry over there to some level of glory, we seem to take two steps back.

    It seems like recently we had, as a community, one several key lawsuits to push back the banning of flavoured e-cigarette liquids, but this is no longer the case. It is quite a shock to everyone that the Trump administration has announced it is ready to ban all flavours outright. 

    The Story So Far 

    So let’s talk a little bit about the story so far. If you are someone who regularly reads the news surrounding the electronic cigarette industry, you will know that Donald Trump has been spearheading a crackdown on the types of flavours that e-cigarette liquid can have. Despite the best efforts of the raping community to try and prevent this from happening, several states across America have lost the majority of their vaping business. 

    But now, campaign advisors for Mr Trump have urged him to put a vaping ban into place, and are specifically targeting e-liquid flavours. 

    What Impact Will This Have? 

    In accordance with the rules of the American legal system, all FDA actions, which is what this movement would fall under the category of, has to consult with an independent board which assesses economic impacts to America as a whole. 

    This particular board of experts has ruled that the economic impact for something like this would be non-applicable. Clearly, they haven’t considered the thousands of small businesses that will fail as a result of this ban, or the businesspeople that will lose their livelihoods. 

    What Is Being Done?

    You would be incorrect if you believed that the industry is simply accepting this lying down. They have made every effort to make sure that there are regular meetings scheduled with high-ranking officials to make sure that the voices of industry leaders are getting heard.

    However, if you know someone living in the states, or you happen to be someone who has a regular residence there, please try and get your voice heard. Make sure that the government officials know that we aren’t happy with this decision, and that it needs to be reversed.

    So to perhaps summarise the issue here, we aren’t happy with the way that things have developed. It’s a real shame that the Trump Administration is content to ban something like vaping outright, and you know that people will do whatever they can to try and reverse the decision. Thousands of businesses will suffer and that is not fair. If you’re visiting the UK and need to get some vaping supplies, then Infinite Vapour can help. We have a range of different options for you to think about, giving you everything that you could possibly need for success. There’s kits, mods, accessories, liquids, and something to satisfy pretty much any need or requirement.

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