• National Save Vaping Day - Marking the Occasion!
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    National Save Vaping Day - Marking the Occasion!

    National Save Vaping Day - Marking the Occasion!


    Vaping is a very powerful resource which can be a lot of help to people. However, it’s also something which has come under fire in recent times. So it’s pretty understandable that people would want to try and represent vaping. So let’s look at how you can save an industry that you love, and make sure that people get the most from their experiences.


    Reach out to People


    The only way that we can really liberate the electronic cigarette industry from the grip of discrimination and prejudice is to reach out to people. You have to be prepared to stand up and talk to others about the many benefits that this industry has brought people all across the world.


    There are hundreds and thousands of people who owe their battle with addiction to these resources. They provided them with a critical tool to help overcome reliance and doubt. How many people came to electronic cigarettes from conventional ones? The number is high. All of these people, every single person had the same resources available to them. That’s the kind of story we have to tell as consumers, as fans of the industry.


    Educate, Inform, Challenge


    Your participation in what can be a global phenomenon is down to 3 simple things. You have to educate people and yourself, you have to inform others about the benefits of smoking and e-cigarettes, and you have to challenge peoples misconceptions and prejudices about this industry.


    It isn’t difficult to get started. You can go on the Internet at any given point and start to learn about the different benefits and health improvements that people have seen. You can research some of the common misconceptions and debunk them. So the next time you head into the arena of debate, the next time you lock horns with a sceptic, you are ready. You have the knowledge, you have the tools necessary to break through the layer of cynicism and doubt, and you can transform someone’s entire world view by convincing them of the good that these tools can be.


    Nobody ever said that saving something was easy. They never told you that it would be a straightforward process to recover an industry that is experiencing heavy fire. But you can help. You can be part of the solution, and not part of the problem. This day is symbolic of a will to change. It is representative of an entire collective of people who are prepared to stand up and fight for what they believe in. That’s what you have to be part of. That is the mindset you need to carry with you throughout. Here at infinite vapour, we can help. We have all of the tools and resources that you need to make a stand with. We want you to succeed in this endeavour. We want to see the industry back being a glorious incredible mass of people, so help us. Take a stand, and say no. No more will people live with misconceptions. No more will an industry be attacked for a minority of issues.

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