• Teens Rejecting Vaping?
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    Teens Rejecting Vaping?

    Teens Rejecting Vaping?

    So let’s talk about vaping for a second. Well, we always want to talk about it, but let’s turn our attention to a particular issue in the world at the moment. Underage smoking is a problem in a lot of places around the world, but the most heavily documented cases are all in America.

    We’ve heard a lot of stories about people who are seeing their children smoke. There have been tales of an epidemic, but perhaps this isn’t the case for much longer. A phenomenon has developed on social media, and we are quite interested in what it is leading to.

    Teens Breaking Vapes?

    The current thing which you’ll see on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms are teenagers breaking vaping devices. They damage them to the point that they become inoperable, and then they show the world exactly what it is that they have done.


    Naturally, this movement is a good thing. It was never our intention to promote smoking for the underaged people. And you can tell that when it comes to companies operating overseas, it is a blow to see it all happen. 

    As for why this is happening, we’re not particularly sure. It could be that teenagers are educating themselves on the world around them and fighting back against the stereotypes that they have developed. Perhaps they have decided that enough is enough and that they want to create a new movement.

    Change - Coming Soon?

    What we can only hope is that this signals the beginning of some change. No one wants to be part of the problem, of course, we all want to help create a better solution. While teenage vaping was a massive issue for quite some time, we would love to see it stop.

    What we’re hoping is that the teenage population will understand that what they are doing isn’t right and make changes. Every new generation is more aware of the world than the one which came before it - it's the blessing and the curse of modern technology. We hope that all young people make the change and figure out that vaping isn’t necessarily a good idea. We’re more than happy to sell products to people who are of the legal age, but we would never set out to influence young people and insist that they make their own decisions.

    Overall, there’s a lot of different reasons why young people are rejecting vaping. Whatever the actual reason, we’re glad it’s happening. Social media is a powerful tool, and it means that people will spread the message quickly. We want people to feel like they can reject a trend when it’s not needed. We sell vaping products with pride, but even we know that teenagers vaping is a bad idea. If you’re of legal age, and you want to get your hands on supplies, Infinite Vapour is standing ready. We have a section of different products available because we care about giving you the best range of mods, accessories and liquids.

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