• Is Vaping Safe?
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    Is Vaping Safe?

    Is Vaping Safe?

    So it does not take a lot of effort at the moment to look at the news and see that vaping isn’t doing so well. It’s definitely come under fire a lot in recent times for being responsible for many troubling things, like a death and an epidemic of teenage smoking. But does any of this have merit?

    We’ve covered both of these topics in separate posts before, but we’ve never stopped to properly investigate whether vaping is actually safe. Of course, it is, but there are a lot of people who don’t believe that at the moment.

    Seeing the Forest For the Trees

    When we talk about the effects of smoking electronic cigarettes, we always do so with the perspective of the big picture in mind. We are acutely aware that it’s one part of an entire lifestyle, and so it can’t be held accountable for exceptional circumstances.

    One of biggest problems we find is that when people take to media platforms to deface the name of electronic cigarettes, they don’t stop and consider how it ties into someone’s entire life. Instead, they focus on this one small part of everything that someone does, and then they blame it for the incredible circumstances in which people find themselves in. It’s a real problem in today’s journalism, because people don’t stop to consider everything, and instead just look for a scapegoat. 

    Can Vaping Hurt Me?

    Okay. Here is the truth. Potentially, vaping can be harmful. However, before anyone gets particularly upset or offended, just listen. Vaping can be harmful if you do it in a certain way. If you buy cheap, badly made E-liquids and equipment, you’re going to run into problems. If you smoke constantly all day every day, you’re going to run into problems. We’re not disputing either of those facts, because that’s how life works. 

    What we get quite frustrated by is people don’t stop to consider the context. It’s not necessarily the fault of the vaping community when a teenager picks up a device for the first time. If a fully legal adult has purchased that, and then passed it on to someone else, how is that within our control? If someone with serious long-term health conditions surrounding their breathing smokes like a train all day every day, how is that within our control? Electronic cigarettes are safe to use if you are sensible about it. If you understand that when you put anything into your body in large doses, you are increasing the likelihood that a long-term problem will develop. It’s all about moderation. 

    In conclusion, we aren’t suggesting that vaping doesn’t have its risks. But so does everything. What we would encourage our readers to do, and people who are interested in vaping to do is to think about context and challenge people who try and use the industry as a scapegoat. Please think about the situation surrounding the electronic cigarette before you start blaming it. There is no denying that teenage epidemics of smoking and deaths are tragedies. But we just want people to stop and think. To look at the situation objectively, and instead of just mindlessly blaming a community or an industry, to think. We sell a selection of kits, and mods, and accessories, and so many different liquids, but they’re all safe because they all come from trusted suppliers. And of course, we encourage moderation because that’s safe for you too.

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