• Vapers Facing Discrimination - Ohio, Shame on You?
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    Vapers Facing Discrimination - Ohio, Shame on You?

    Vapers Facing Discrimination - Ohio, Shame on You? 

    So, while it isn’t every day that people find themselves on the receiving end of some discrimination, there are a lot of instances where the vaping community finds that they lose out simply because of who they are and what they do. 

    In this case, we turn our attention to Ohio, where people who smoke an e-cigarette and live in the area of Dayton may find that getting employment is a lot more tricky than they think. 

    Ohio to Shut Down Vapers? 

    So you might not think that this is allowed, but it's not stopping Drayton in Ohio from doing it anyway. They're saying that they won't hire anyone who smokes an e-cigarette, citing a lack of productivity and increased medical bills as the cause. 

    Crazy, right? An HR Director in Drayton said that 'Studies indicate that employees who smoke cost approximately an additional $6,000 per year in direct medical costs and lost productivity'. A lot of companies have had policies against hiring smokers. But, this is the first in a while, which targets vapers specifically. However, such discrimination saw bans in the 1980s, with many people seeing it as blatant discrimination.

    Can Anything Be Done?

    You would assume that this would not be allowed. It is discrimination, and people should not have to deal with it, but at the moment, there is no challenge.

    The rule applies to all employees hired after July 15th. Candidates will find that they face testing for nicotine before the beginning of their contract. If there is evidence that they use it after employment commences, they can face retesting and potential dismissal if found to be consuming the drug.

    There is a considerable protest from the leaders of unions all across the city. They have correctly identified this choice as the potential start of discrimination against any undesirable lifestyle choices. Those people who do things thought of as unreliable or potentially problematic could face discrimination in the workplace.

    Those people who live in Ohio should protest this as much as possible to try and see it challenged. It is punishing people for their life choices - an act which is not acceptable in any instance and least of all in 2019. The only hope is that enough people complain with such passion that the government is forced to intervene 

    In conclusion, this new development in Ohio is troubling. As a culture, we seem to be less tolerant now than a year ago, and some communities, like vaping, are suffering every day. It is essential to remain positive about all elements of vaping and attempt to promote a healthy image about what is on offer and why e-cigarettes can be a powerful force. If you are looking for vaping supplies, however, then Infinite Vapour has a considerable selection available for you to look through. With a variety of kits, mods and accessories, there is something within the range to ensure that everyone has a satisfying vaping experience.

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