• Tips for Vaping in the Summer - Safety and Consideration?
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    Tips for Vaping in the Summer - Safety and Consideration?

    Tips for Vaping in the Summer - Safety and Consideration? 

    Vaping is an activity which requires you to be at least somewhat considerate of the people around you. There’s no doubt that it can be an enjoyable pastime, but it needs to be a safe one too - otherwise, the all-important reputation of the industry is sullied.

    So when the summer rolls around, and people are looking forward to spending time with their friends and family, it becomes crucial to know how to vape safely and with consideration. So we thought that we would take a look at exactly how you go about accomplishing that - what parts need to go into it. 

    Check The Temperature 

    Okay, so, first of all, we thought that we would cover a critical safety feature for people who vape regularly. Your battery can suffer in the immense heat, so you have to be smart about where you store it. 

    Once your device gets past 100°F, or 37.5°C, the battery begins to become damaged. You’ll notice that there’s a lot of different consequences of this, but most notably it becomes prone to overloading. You can probably understand why it’s therefore essential to be sensible with where you keep your device.

    Be Considerate

    It’s a great thing that you love your vaping device and want to use it all the time. However, your friends might not be so appreciative in the summer as you are. The reason for this? Mostly allergies and hay fever. For anyone who suffers from an aversion to the summer, the common symptoms of finding it difficult to breathe and a permanently running nose are bad enough, but when you factor in the smoke from a vaping device, you get a challenging combination.

    So it’s mostly about being considerate of other people. If you know that someone isn’t having a great time, then take your vaping device somewhere else for a minute and use it away from the crowd. It’s these little changes that make you seem considerate. Which, in turn, helps to improve the overall vibe of vaping. 

    Keep an Eye on E-Liquids

    So you know how when you’re out and about, and you keep your e-liquid with you for a spare vape? Well, e-liquids will react to the heat like a battery, albeit not quite in the same way. In this case, the liquid begins to heat up as if it were inside the e-cig, which renders it pretty unusable. So it’s in your interest to make sure that you’re keeping your liquids stored in a cool, dry place.

    Overall, there’s a lot of things that you can do to try and minimise the damage that can come from the summer in the form of vaping accidents. At the end of the day, it’s all about being considerate and respectful while maintaining a good level of vaping safety. If you need some supplies for this exciting time, then Infinite Vapour can help. We have a range of different kits, mods, accessories, e-liquids and other products designed to give you a satisfying vaping experience, so please come and have a look around.

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