• E-Cigarettes: Safe For You?
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    E-Cigarettes: Safe For You?

    E-Cigarettes: Safe For You? 

    Despite several bans in the USA, e-cigarettes have enjoyed prosperity in the UK, getting the backing of the NHS as a tool to help smokers quit, as well as being overall well received by the public. There is no doubt that many people would be lost without the vaping devices, and yet people continue to contest the safety of these devices for the general public. How safe are they? Would like to take a minute to examine them again, and reaffirm our belief that a vaping device is perhaps the best way to smoke.

    Recapping The Method

    Let’s begin by recapping how you use an electronic cigarette. The device works by heating a type of liquid, which will contain various ingredients that generate flavour and substance. This is what we call an e-liquid. Depending on the preference of the user, vaping devices can contain nicotine or not, which grants you an increased level of versatility in how you smoke.

    Vaping Facts

    There are a couple of different things that you need to know about vaping to understand why it’s safe for you properly. First of all, vaping contains none of the harmful chemicals which regular cigarettes do, like for example carbon monoxide and tar, both of which are dangerous to the human system.

    Second of all, research has shown that there is a minimal risk to anyone in the immediate area and yourself, which helps to credit vaping as being a safe way of smoke. NHS has given vaping as their official recommendation for people who want to try and quit smoking, which should give you an indication of just how safe it is. An independent review conducted and posted on the government website shows that vaping is 95% safer than standard smoking.

    Protecting Others

    Due to the way that smoking a cigarette happens, there is no risk to anyone in the immediate area; for example, the people around you that you care about. You have to understand that all the chemicals in the cigarettes are what you absorb, and none of them are released back out into the atmosphere when you exhale the vapour. It’s trace amounts of best, and the majority of it is just water vapour.

    To ensure the safety of people under the age of 18, a strict ban is in place. No business can legally sell to minors, which is in sharp contrast to other parts of the world, which seem to be much more lax with this rule.

    In conclusion, your vaping device is very safe to use and isn’t going to hurt you in any way. It is suitable for use around people, and there are no long-term health effects which have been identified. It’s a much better way to smoke if you want to avoid cigarettes, which are well known to cause numerous health conditions. Infinite Vapour has a selection of different devices, mods, kits and accessories, to help you make the most out of your vaping experience.

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