• Hong Kong Vaping Ban To Damage Tourism?
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    Hong Kong Vaping Ban To Damage Tourism?

    Hong Kong Vaping Ban To Damage Tourism?

    Hong Kong is a place which is well known for a thriving tourism community. Many people flock to this place to experience all of the different lifestyle choices that are often so radically different from our own. However, some of the decisions that they make are not clever at all. This can include banning vaping outright in some places, and we’re interested to see the effects it can have on tourism. There’s so many different options and choices when it comes to the impacts of vaping on different areas of a country, so let’s take a look.

    Why Ban Vaping?

    So, it’s no secret that currently the powers that run Hong Kong are debating whether or not they should criminalise vaping products. As in, make it so that anyone who’s caught with such devices in their possession could be looking at a holiday that’s gone severely wrong.

    With this kind of punishment in store for people, you can begin to understand why people would choose to shy away from having their holiday there or going anywhere near the place at all. Especially when you consider that on average, one in every six British people vape on a regular basis or own a vaping device. That’s a lot of people who would avoid making their holidays to the area because of the harsh restrictions that would be imposed on vaping.

    Is Banning the Answer

    So, one of the things that we often get asked is whether we think that banning vaping outright is ever a good idea. And of course, our answer will always be no. We would never see vaping anywhere prohibited. But strict sanctions and regulations for the good of everyone? That’s different.

    See, we know that vaping can be misused if it’s in the wrong hands. We also know that minors should not have access to it. So our argument is never that vaping should be banned, but it should be carefully controlled and regulated to keep as many people safe as possible. The risk to young people can be considerable, and we would not want anyone to suffer as a result of the actions which have been taken. Owing to the unique nature of electronic cigarettes, it can sometimes be challenging to control and maintain them properly, but the results will definitely be worth it.

    To summarise, the actions taken by Hong Kong in their attempt to criminalise vaping devices can only lead to problems for the tourism industry further down the road. Many people enjoy visiting the country and sampling all that is available, but if one of their favourite commodities was banned, they might be less inclined to visit. It would be a great shame to see the tourism industry take a hit as the population of Britain no longer can use a visit, and we hope that they will see sense. Here at Infinite Vapour, we offer you a wide selection of resources to suit your needs. Whether you look for mods, kits, or accessories, we can help you to find what you need.

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